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Childrens Books

The Fearless Dragon.

Fergus the young dragon claims to be fearless but is indeed fireless. He creates havoc through the town trying to prove he was fearless after all.

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The Great Oak

When the developers are moving in to tear down the forest, the Great Oak calls a meeting amongst the forest dwellers....and a most unlikely hero steps forward.

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A Wintry Tale

Noel was a very mischievous baby rabbit. Despite his father’s warnings about going out to play in the snow. He disobeyed his parents and came face to face with a not so friendly neighbour.

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The Curse of Bogle Bog

This is the story of a wicked old witch with a wicked old twitch who put a curse on every creature that jumps and it is not much fun being a walking frog.

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Caitlin and the Tooth Fairy

Do you know what the Tooth Fairy does with all the childrens teeth she collects? Caitlin does. Follow Caitlin’s adventure to fairyland.

Caitlin and the Tooth Fairy story book

The Scarecrow

This is no ordinary Scarecrow, he has received a knighthood for being outstanding in his field. See how the scarecrow cleverly deals with a hungry persistent fly.

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