About the Author

David Reilly

I was born in Glasgow in 1948 and my book Oot The Windae was published by Lindsay Publications and was launched by the Lord Provost of Glasgow in the year 2000. It is my story of being brought up the eldest of 5 boys in the city’s east end. It has received worldwide acclaim and continues to sell.

After listening to The Gruffalo on the radio which is written in the same style as I write, I thought to myself I can do that. I sat down in front of a blank screen and produced ;


This is the story of a young dragon who claimed to be fearless but was indeed fireless. After creating havoc in the town, he went on a dangerous mission to prove he was fearless after all.

I was overwhelmed with excitement after I finished and challenged myself to write another. I wrote a trilogy of books.

The Great Oak

Is a delightful story of how the developers were moving in to destroy the forest in order to build new homes. Then the most unlikely of heroes comes in to save the day.

A Wintry Tale

Again, set in the forest when the playful baby rabbit disobeys his parents and goes out to play in the freshly fallen snow and meets a not so friendly neighbour.

The Curse Of Bogle Bog

On the outskirts of the forest lay Bogle Bog where a wicked old witch put a curse on every creature that could jump. Life isn’t much fun being a walking frog.